The Power of 
Cyber Defenders Alliance

As defenders, we can’t solve the complex cybersecurity problems in silo, neither do hackers work alone to exploit the weakest link in our defense. This is why we believe to teaming as one collective alliance can enable stronger defense for resilient operations. 

Defenders Talent Network

We welcome like-minded cybersecurity leaders, professionals, product distributors and technology vendors to join our defenders alliance to expand future opportunities for growth.


Cyber leaders with successful track records of leading large and complex cybersecurity business and transformation program.


Cyber defenders with operational experiences and hand-on skills fighting against advanced adversaries.


Technology experts on developing and delivering cyber security solutions and capabilities for large enterprises.


Seasoned cyber experts for delivering trainings to up-skill in-house cybers talents and employees with real world scenarios.


Product distributors for managing financial risks and transaction of cybersecurity solutions and implementation.


Technology vendors with product and R&D capabilities in solving cybersecurity challenges and future innovation.


You have questions.

We have answers

Why should i join CYBERECOS advisory and partner ecosystem?

We believe we can’t solve the complex cyber problems in silo, similarly for deploying cyber solutions in isolation will not stop advanced cyber threats. Our customers are demanding for integrated capabilities to better protect, detect and response to advanced threat actors.  

By working in one trusted ecosystem, we can develop strategic cyber transformation roadmap with defense in depth principle to accelerate modern cyber defense capabilities for our customers to enhance business resilience via automated, integrated and analytics approach. It also means more growth opportunities for our advisers and partners as we increase our customer footprints in wider industries and locations.

What is the partnership criteria?

We are looking for independent advisors, defenders, trainers and partners with open mindset to help us expanding our ecosystem, talent pools and develop new capabilities to solve evolving cyber security challenges. The customer centric culture is also an important criteria to ensure we are committed to enable the customer success as part of our engagement journey.

What is the engagement model for independent experts?

Most of our target customers operate in highly confidential and sensitive sectors. Information processing and sharing are highly classified, and all of the engagements are on confidential basis. We do not disclosure our customer and independent expert profiles publicly. The compensation for our independent expert is based on the scope of work delivered as part of the project implementation.

Join us for unique opportunities to enrich your professional career and experiences.